Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cool - Water

Source: via Dave on Pinterest

What A Great Window

I say - whats a fascinating design

They Dont Make Magazine Like These Any More

60s ahem fashion

The 60s were sooo fashionable!

Sorry Always Seems To Be The Sweetest Word


Oldies But Goldies

Hoy - thats my cheese

A cr-oak-ing hobby - groan

I trust my doctor

Sack The Design Company

Some Logos Should Really Be Better Thought Out

Watch Your Kids!

Only In Newcastle :)

The Scariest Sculpture Ever

Yes Its For Real - No I Didnt Make It!

Keep Calm And Drink WIne

How Can You Argue With That?

Facebookers hell

Moove it

Moove it

What A Bath

What A Bath

Get outa my way

Get outa my way


Im down here!

Mamee mamee.. how I luv ya


Dick Roll Anyone?

Couldnt have said it better myself

Dick Roll Anyone?

Cute Puppy Takes Advantage

How cute is that :)

Cool Suitcase Dresser

These are so stylish

Hot Dog Anyone?

Go gotta love this guy :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bettys Vagina :)

Never thought of it like that!

Gay Single Male

Loved this :)

Christina Aguileras Closet

So Many Shoes - So little time

Horses For Courses

Cool Photo

House Hippo lol

How cute is that

Batman & Elton

Obama vs Bieber

He got that right :)

Why People Dont Shop on Facebook

This explains it all

The best things in life are free

As it says


Snowflakes are like kisses sent down from heaven :)

Pooch and the Art of Zen

Chill Dude !

The importance of grammar

The importance of grammar!

Damn it - eat what you like

 The case against healthy eating :)

Things We Do For Love

How much do you really love I mean.. ?

My Best Friend

My best friend :)

I dont give a shit!

Like it says...

Kitty Cuddles

All together now...awww!

Dog - or?

 Remind you of anything?

Cutest Dog Ever

I want one of those!

Iconic marilyn

Whats not to like :)

You Can Borrow My Pen

But I will kill you if I dont get it back! :)

Excellent Artwork

Funky Tree Bannister

Funky Tree bannister - how cool is that
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